AP Lit Cafe Literario

Last year a group of AP Literature and Culture teachers was formed to share ideas, materials, and cover pertinent topics. There are 4 core leaders of this group from the Executive Council: Juan Fernández (Elgin H.S.), Roberto Cardenas (Elgin H. S.), Mayra Fadul (Highland Park H. S.), and Yolanda Rodríguez (Hoffman Estates H.S.). The Zoom meetings will begin at 4:30. Each meeting will have a theme.

All teachers are welcome.

Contact Mayra Faddul: Highland Park High School (mfaddul@dist113.org)

2021 – 2022 Schedule:

14 de octubre

9 de diciembre

10 de febrero

10 de marzo

21 de abril

12 de mayo

** Cada Café Literario será a través de Zoom a las 4:30pm