Virtual Poetry Choral Reading Contest

43rd Chicago Area Chapter 2023 Virtual Poetry Contest

*NEW THIS YEAR:  Choral Reading/Poesía Coral

Grades K-12

This format has many advantages that our previous annual contests did not:

                  NO memorization (students can read!)

                  Builds community

                  More focus on meaning of poem and interpretation

                  No conflicts with transportation, distance or date

                  Prize money: $50


Students work in groups as small as 5, as large as 10  to 

present the level appropriate poem and send video link with a partially completed rubric to our address:

Judging will be scored using the attached rubric that gives a numeric rating 1-5 based on these elements:

1. Quality of pronunciation/enunciation

2. Appropriate expression (voice modulation and gestures) 

3. Speaking parts reflect a variety of grouping dynamics: singles, doubles, whole chorus, low/high voices

4. A variety of volume changes-from whispers to shout outs

5. Timing/Group function: matching one’s personal timing and rhythm to the group’s performance. 

Bonus points are awarded for each of the following: Choreography, clothing, or instruments

                                    *Perfect score = 25 (with and additional 3 bonus points)

*There is a 2 group limit for any school, but the groups’ teacher(s) or SHH/SHA sponsors must be 2023 members of the Chicago Area Chapter

If there are more groups that participate within any class or school, we urge that teacher/school to hold its own contest using our rubric. 

Any group can select a poem at a higher level. You may also submit an equivalent level poem for our approval ahead of time.


Deadline: March 31st (or send link anytime before) as judging begins in April.


Any group that receives a judging score of 22 or above will receive a check for $50. This money can be donated to a class cause or to use for group activities.

*SHH sponsors or SHA sponsors may enter members of their honoraries, and their entries count toward the 2 group limit for any school. They should choose a poem at the level of the majority of the group.

For more information, email