Spanish Honor Societies

The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and/or Portuguese, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. Click here to learn more or contact Susan Ranft. In the spirit of its mission, each year the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica contributes awards to student members of the SHH, chapters, sponsors, and other SHH officers. The majority of the award money is provided to student members in the form of College Scholarships given to high school seniors and Student Travel Awards given to high school juniors. Click here to view past Chicago-area scholarship winners.

The Sociedad Hispánica de Amistad (SHA) is an activities-based society for elementary and middle school students. Members participate in individual and chapter projects, which are organized into three categories: ambassadorship, service to school, and service to community. Click here to learn more.