Award for Professional Distinction

The Chicago Area Chapter AATSP Award for Professional Distinction
is given yearly to an outstanding member of the Chapter who through
his/her service, dedication and diligence to the profession of teaching
Spanish or Portuguese has become a model for others in the field. Click here to download the 2020-2021 nomination form. Nominations are due April 1st, 2021.

2019-20 Honoree
Robert Blease
2018-19 Honorees
Mike Ayala
Lisa Greenman 

Alicia Mangialardi
2017-18 Honorees
Erica Nathan-Gamauf
Nairy Hagopian 
2016-17 Honorees Julie Jezuit
Leslie Rathunde
Elisa Mascorro
Yolanda Rodriguez
2015-16 Honorees Susan Ranft
Michelle Lange
Kathleen Priceman
2014-15 Honorees Marta Constenla
Alan Howell
Laura Jacobson
2013-14 Honorees José Acosta
Barb Pietroski
2012-13 Honoree Fran Mirro
2011-12 Honorees Elia López
Ursula Sihocky

2009-10 Honorees Daniel Bender
Maria Ricotta
2008-09 Honorees Sister Philip Mary Reilly
Marsha Schwartz
2007-08 Honoree Janette Wanner