National Spanish Exam

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know how to place my students correctly?
Students are disqualified for either declaring the wrong level or category or not declaring a competition level or category. Generally, the level of the NSE should match the course title. If a course is designated as AP or IB, then the student should take the next higher level from the one they took the previous year. For example, if a student took Spanish 4 as a junior and then AP as a senior, then the Level of the NSE should be 5. It is very important that you follow the guidelines as stated on the National website.

The issue of Outside Experience and Bilingualism also causes problems. It is recommended that you print out the explanations of the various levels and discuss the categories with your students prior to the exam.

Are there any other reasons my students should take the exam?
Yes! 017 Chicago Area Chapter has been able to award a number of Senior Scholarships in recent years. For 2018 we sponsored two $1,000 scholarships to Chicago Area students. Seniors who score in the 75th percentile nationally are eligible to apply online through the National Spanish Exam website in late April. Also, travel abroad scholarships are available to qualifying juniors, and Global Citizen scholarships are available to qualifying 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students. Further, Study Abroad scholarships are available to qualifying teachers.

How can I be sure I receive the local contest results?
The Coordinator of the Chicago Area NSE sends out the list of Chicago Area Winners to only one teacher at each school via email. We ask that one teacher take on the responsibility to keep his or her colleagues informed. The results are also posted on the chapter website as soon as possible http://www.chicagoaatsp.org. Providing an alternate email when registering for the test also helps because sometimes school’s email filters reject the group email. Please be sure one teacher has contacted the Chicago Area coordinator, Beth Sanchez, at NSEChicago017@gmail.com, to be on the email list. Deciding with your colleagues how you will identify your school and all using that name will keep your scores together and help avoid errors in reporting results. For example, if you and your colleagues decide to identify your school as “George Washington High School,” all students and colleagues must use the identical name. Please do not identify it as “Washington High.” Please do not identify it as “George Washington.” Please do not identify it as “George Washington High.” Uniformity is very important. Please be clear, as well, if there is more than one campus. Click here for more information about administering the NSE.